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Each of the courses consists of a theoretical, lecture-based part and accompanying programmes that take the form of technical field trips to the DIAMO State Enterprise sites and premises, whose structure conveniently covers all aspects of the mining process. The high professional level and practical experience of specialized staff members of the enterprise is also leveraged with success. In addition to the DIAMO State Enterprise staff, teaching activities also involve lecturers from abroad, originating from mining institutions or freelance consultants active in diverse fields such as geology, hydrogeology, geomechanics, chemical technology, radiation protection, environmental protection, etc., with regard to the focus of the individual courses.

The courses are designed for groups of 5 to 18 participants.

Examples of the courses:

Extraction using underground in situ leaching (ISL), both alkalic and acidic leaching

  • Course for operators (2 or 4 weeks)
  • Course for managers (2-5 days)


  • 2 or 4 weeks of a combined course focused on surveying uranium deposits and extraction in sandstone type deposits (ISL preferred)

Remediation of consequences of uranium mining and processing

  • 1-week course focused on remediating heaps and tailings ponds, environmental monitoring, and radiation protection

Alkaline-based uranium processing

  • 1- or 2-week course focusing on the uranium ore mineralogy, technological requirements and processing, handling waste water and sludge, radiation protection and environmental monitoring, and field hands-on sessions in GEAM (uranium treatment plant)

Legal aspects of uranium mining

  • 1-week course for senior management and supervisory staff focused on discussions with representatives of national authorities in charge of extraction and radiation protection; hands-on sessions in the field, in the DIAMO State Enterprise premises

Radiation protection in mining practice

  • 1-week course for senior management and supervisory staff

Treatment of underground and mine water

  • 1- or 2-week course focusing on treatment of waste water, hydrochemistry, sampling, analysis, and technology

On-demand custom courses

  • Custom courses can be designed to meet your individual needs. The course date, scope and contents can be specified upon agreement based on what is required by the applicant.

Prices are specified by agreement and depend on the duration and contents of the course and the number of participants.
All the details as to course arrangements can be agreed using information available under the Contact Us section.

Making use of the support provided as a part of projects of technical cooperation with IAEA is another way to participate in the courses. These projects make it possible to participate in courses or short-term/long-term traineeships for individuals and groups that are fully covered as a part of IAEA funding.