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The World Nuclear University - School of Uranium Production (WNU SUP) international training centre was founded in 2006 and is operated by the DIAMO State Enterprise under the auspices of the World Nuclear University in London and in collaboration with OECD/NEA and IAEA. Making use of knowledge and equipment of the DIAMO State Enterprise and the connections it has with universities, research institutions, supervisory authorities and other experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, the International Training Centre develops and presents schemes focused on professional training throughout the range of aspects of uranium production, be it deposit surveys and extraction using various means, treatment of uranium ores, environmental protection and protection of the health of workers, and even removal of the consequences of mining operations.

Head of International Training Centre

Ing. Jiří Mužák, Ph.D.


The increase in the global demand for uranium, particularly in countries where uranium mining is on the rise such as China and India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina and others, has led to an increase in global market prices and a re-evaluation of the stock of the material. Contrasting to the above is the significant shortage of skilled professionals in uranium mining and processing observed in the last twenty years.

In recent years, termination of uranium mining has been under way around the world. Many countries need to deal with the disposal and remediation of the consequences of uranium mining, which includes removal of old uranium burdens such as deep mines, ISL mines, treatment plants and tailings ponds. This sector is also experiencing a shortage of qualified experts globally.


In accordance with the fact that the proper management of uranium production requires skilled personnel and a broad dissemination of scientific, engineering and social knowledge, WNU School of Uranium Production aims to:

  • Educate students in all stages of the uranium production cycle, including surveys, planning, development, operations, as well as remediation, rehabilitation, treatment of mine water and other environmental aspects of closure of uranium mining and production plants;
  • Contribute to the improvement in the areas of surveys, mining and remediation after extraction of uranium through research and development;
  • Provide a forum for exchanging information and lessons learned - best practices in the field of uranium mining and processing.


From its very day of establishment the International Training Centre became a globally renowned facility of professional training. The number of participants - from a total of 20 countries - passing the 45 distinct programmes has already reached 88 as part of projects of technical cooperation with IAEA and 271 as part of commercial contracts.


 DIAMO State Enterprise was chosen to be the seat. The decision-making process took into account the extensive experience of the staff of this state-owned company in the underground acid uranium leaching method, one that can be used with success even at new sites abroad. Furthermore, the DIAMO State Enterprise offers extensive experience in remediating sites after conventional exploitation and treatment of uranium ores, remediating the bedrock environment after chemical extraction of uranium, treatment of mine water, radiation protection of staff and populations, environmental protection, etc. In addition to these technical aspects the DIAMO State Enterprise also has the option to arrange relaxation and learning events for course participants.