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News archive for 2021

Webinar UMIGR 2021


The comprehensive and extraordinary one-week virtual training course “Webinar series for CPR2016 on Uranium Mining by ISL and Groundwater Remediation” addressing uranium mineralogy, ISL operation, interaction between solution and rock, bioleaching, radiometric survey, modelling and environmental remediation consists of 13 expert lectures.

Upcoming Course UGEPRER I 2021

A 4-week course „Uranium Geology and Exploration, Uranium Production, Radiation Safety and Environmental Remediation“ addressing uranium geology and exploration, uranium production, radiation safety and environmental remediation consists of 31 expert lectures, 8 repetitive lectures and 12 field trips and technical visits.

News archive for 2019

Upcoming Course GWREMED 2019

August, 19 – 30, 2019 

A 14-day course "Remediation and Treatment of Ground and Mine Water Affected by Uranium Mining" focused on remediation of cosequenses after uranium mining consisting of 18 lessons and 7 field trips.