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The World Nuclear University – School of Uranium Production (WNU SUP) international training centre was founded in 2006 and is operated by the DIAMO, state enterprise under the auspices of the World Nuclear University in London and in collaboration with OECD/NEA and IAEA. Making use of knowledge and equipment of the DIAMO State Enterprise and the connections it has with universities, research institutions, supervisory authorities and other experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, the International Training Centre develops and presents schemes focused on professional training throughout the range of aspects of uranium production, be it deposit surveys and extraction using various means, treatment of uranium ores, environmental protection and protection of the health of workers, and even removal of the consequences of mining operations.

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Webinar UMIGR 2021


The comprehensive and extraordinary one-week virtual training course “Webinar series for CPR2016 on Uranium Mining by ISL and Groundwater Remediation” addressing uranium mineralogy, ISL operation, interaction between solution and rock, bioleaching, radiometric survey, modelling and environmental remediation consists of 13 expert lectures.

Upcoming Course UGEPRER I 2021

A 4-week course „Uranium Geology and Exploration, Uranium Production, Radiation Safety and Environmental Remediation“ addressing uranium geology and exploration, uranium production, radiation safety and environmental remediation consists of 31 expert lectures, 8 repetitive lectures and 12 field trips and technical visits.

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